Q.: What is the importance of a name?
Sri Sri: Well, you need something by which people can call you! One name is the name our parents gave to us at the time of birth. We are deeply connected to this name. To be completely free, the last attachment that we let go is that of our name. Connect and attach yourself to the name (the mantra that you receive from the Master). The mantra establishes you in the witness consciousness. Of the mantras, the highest is the ‘ajapa jap’, the mantra which resonates effortlessly and spontaneously in our consciousness. It is not a doing but a happening. That is So Ham. It resonates eternally. When we experience this with awareness, it becomes meditation.
HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Bangalore, 15 June, 2009
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This soooooo amazing. Guruji gives such a precise explanation of how the kriya works. The ajapa japa – japa that is not a japa – is one in which there is no effort. This is the rhythm of the universe. What an amazing thing to know. For someone to realise that there is a rhythm in the universe is so amazing. The universe seems to be so unconnected. How can my thoughts be connected to some butterfly flapping its wings in amazon. The indian view has always been that they are connected. And the amazing thing is that today science also confirms this view.

It is so reassuring to know that the kriya connects us to this rhythm. And if this awareness of the rhythm is maintained, that is meditation. And the breath is the tool that makes it so easy. Its so easy once we catch on to the rhythm to get back to it.
The beauty of the technique is that it gives the direct experience.
The beauty of the knowledge is that it establishes that experience permanently.


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