Guruji what quality of the Buddha appeals to you the most?

Guruji: If you look at Buddha’s life nothing seems unappealing to you. Even with Sri Rama and the same with Bhagwan Mahavira!! They all lived in Satwa, and in total Satwa everything that we do is perfect, every action and every thought. Your whole existence becomes an example.

Guruji talks on the Vedas:

The story of the Vedas happened like this that, Ved Vyasa, one of the most venerable ancient Guru, went to Brahma for knowledge. Brahma showed him the entire mountain of knowledge and said, “take whatever you can”! Vyasa went to the huge mountain but it was impossible for anyone to carry the whole mountain. He took whatever he could by his hands. There came out the four Vedas!! They are the Rig veda, Shama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda. In the Vedas again there are several sub division. There are 18 Angas. Like the astrology(jotishshastra), the grammar(vayakarana), the karanas(logic), Chandashastra (Music), Virukta (words), Kalpa, siksha. And again in the Shiksha there are 6 upangas. They are Vaisheshik darshana, Sankhya Darshana, Yoga darshana, Karmadarshana etc.

And in the Yogashastra, there was one called Patanjali, who attained the height in the yoga. He was the master of the Yogashastra. When we say Yoga, we just don’t mean a few asanas(exercises), we mean uniting. When the mind unites with the soul, when the body unites with the breath, and when the soul unites with the paramatma, yoga happens.

There is this story on Maharshi Patanjili. There were thousands of disciples of Maharshi Ptanjali. One day they were all at the session with Maharshi. Maharshi had a rule that there will be a curtain in between Maharshi and the student. No one was supposed to see the Maharshi. This continued. The students were taking knowledge from the preceptor and the preceptor showering the knowledge to the disciples. One day something happened! One of the students wanted to go to the toilet. He thought why disturb the Guru anyway the Master will not able to see (since there was a curtain in between them)!! He silently slipped off the class and went to the toilet. On the other hand, among the rest of the students, one felt the terrible urge to see the Maharshi. He whispered to the other fellow disciples that they should see their teacher, and the teacher being all compassionate will definitely forgive them and will not be upset on then.

So suddenly one of the disciples got up and removed the curtain. And as he removed the curtain off, there happened a terrible disaster!! Everyone who were present there turned into ashes!! All the disciples who were present infront of the Maharshi Patanjali just turned into ashes!! In the meantime the only disciple who had gone out to the toilet returned. Maharshi told the student that he had done a great mistake by going out of the class without the preceptor’s permission!! And now the boy has to undergo a curse!! Maharshi cursed him to be a Demon(Brahmadaitya) and that he should sit on a tree and write down all that he learned from Patanjali. The boy immediately turned to a demon and went up the tree and started writing that entire he learnt from the Maharshi. He was writing on the leaves of the tree. It is said that there was a goat sitting at the base of the tree. The disciple who turned a demon kept writing on the leaf and throwing each leaf on the ground and the goat started eating all the leaves one by one!!

Now who are those disciples who turn to ashes? Why did they turn to ashes? Why was that only disciple saved? Why did he become a demon? Why was he asked to write all that he learned? Why the goat did eat away all the leaves? These are the questions that you should think and ponder.

There are two kinds of disciplines.

A) Sashana

B) Anusashana

Sashana is some discipline which someone else impose on you. Like you pay taxes. (laughter) Most of the times you like to avoid such rules. Given a chance you would like to break the rules.

Anusashana is self discipline. When you impose on yourself. Like you brush your teeth! No body is going to fine you or take you by hand coups if you violate the rule. You may loose some teeth maximum that may happen!!(Laughter!!) Like fasting on Saturdays, or Mondays or some people don’t eat sour taste on the Friday for the sake of the Santoshimaa!! This is something that you inspire yourself to do. Do you see what I am saying? That is anusashaana.

So the first sutra of the Patanjali Yoga Sutra says Ataha Yoganusashana

The second sutra says, Yoga chitta vritti Nirodaha

There are seven levels of existence. The body, the breath, the mind and memory, intellect ego and the self. In the mind there is memory. Even when we close our eyes, we are thinking so much about the other events. Events that has already happened. Like again in the dream. In the mind when the thought stops flashing, yoga happens!

The third sutra of Maharshi Patanjali is Tada drishti swaroope avasthanam

You know many years back in Karnataka, when villagers used to go for watching a movie, they used to get so involved with what was happening in the movie!! Like if the hero was getting beaten up they would be throwing stones on the screens and sometimes go ahead and tear off the screen itself!! (Laughter!!) The women would do the entire make up and when they come to the movie and see that their favorite heroin is in trouble and crying, even they start crying!! Their entire make up goes off! (Laughter!!) They get so much involved with the movie. Do see this?

So when the focus shifts from the scenery to the seer, from the object that you are watching to the one who is watching, yoga happens.

Question: Guruji how to be centered?

Guruji: First find out what is it that is taking you off the centre? Living in the present moment keeps you in the centre. When you say “oh that person has behaved with me like this etc, he is no good”, know that you are not in the centre. Centered means free from opinion. If you have a fight with someone and the next moment can you go and again stand in front of that person and forget about the old fight? It’s ok if you pick up a new fight! (Laughter!!) Because if you are picking up the old fight, knows that you are not centered. Life is a mixture of everything, pleasant and unpleasant. If you are sticky with the pleasant or unpleasant then you are not centered. You know people who can love intensely can also hate intensely. It’s just an emotional swing. When you can go beyond love and hate, you can truly be centered. You everything has its opposite. Like love has its opposite as hate. Pleasant has its opposite as unpleasant. Only devotion has no opposite. Having devotion is being centered. Let it be anything. It could be your devotion towards science, music, to your parents, children, wife, and husband. Then you are centered!

Question: Guruji how to let go in the mind when someone insults you?

Guruji: When you see your whole life as a dream then you experience freedom. Your intellect experiences freedom. And you are very witty when your mind is free. Have you all experienced being witty at some point of time in your life? In such a state, you are not angry, you are not ambitious, and you are not obsessed and fearful. So what is the state of your mind then? You are calm. So in such a situation, when someone is actually insulting you, you can be witty, and turn the whole situation! So it neither affects you nor does it affect the other person!!

Jai Guru Dev


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