It was the most fantabulous long kriya I have ever done. Guruji came on stage as the bhastrika got over. As we opened our eyes we saw guruji taking his seat in the heat of the early evening sun. Maybe the thought would have crossed many a mind that it must have been difficult for him to sit up there in the heat. The first thing that he said was that the nature stands with us, supports us when we are on this path. And sure enough the clouds came on bringing in a cool whiff of pleasantness.

The kriya was unique as usual. As I breathed each breath I saw a beautiful clarity in my being. Saw what is there. Saw the reality. Saw the beauty in creation.

It was beautiful. As if each breath was a powerful and graceful flow of the divine cleansing agent which reached out to each corner of my being purifying me completely.

Some pearls of wisdom from Guruji's talk:

Stress is there in society, but it should not turn into distress.

Worry is meaningless. Eg student says he hates teacher. Solution: pass out of the class! Just pass out of your worries. Its not worth staying with them.

Jai Guru Deva!


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