Here is a question I got on my mail. I felt it would be good to share with all of you so here goes:

btw, I also wanted to ask you abt Rudraksh. Is it really effective? If so, why is rudraksh so powerful in capturing the mantra-effect? I am very intrigued about the mechanism… Coluld you please shed some light over it?

Rudraksha literally means ‘eye of rudra’ – rudra – aksh. Rudraaksha, in one sense, means the one who is capable of viewing and doing everything (e.g. the third eye).

There are many meanings for the word rudra. ‘Rut’ means sorrow of the
materialistic world. One who vanquishes and overcomes it is Rudra. Rut also means the truth, that is the Upanishads etc. One who has realised or expounded this truth is Rudra. Also one who bestows this to worshippers is Rudra.

So in all forms rudra signifies the all powerful, all knowing divinity. The eye
of rudra would signify the fact that it is possible to experience the divinity
through the rudraksha.

Now of course this is conjecture but this is how i think it works.

The mantras are amplified by the crystal lingam. The thin layer of water that covers it all the time during the abhishekam would also have a role to play.
It is well known that water has amazing properties to absorb all kinds of
things. (See Masuro Emoto) &
What the bleep) This combination of mantra, linga and the water itself would then transfer the power to the rudraksha or yantra.

We know that mantras are vibrations and it is possible to maintain vibrations for a long time at specific harmonics. eg. a guitar string or a zen bowl.

The mantras are thus transformed by the action of the water and the crystal into a form that is absorbed by the rudraksha or the silver coin with the yantra. Hence the coin or the yantra by itself is an ordinary thing but after it is kept in the puja and sanctified, then it acquires the powers. In fact with saints any object can be imbued with their power. Hence one of the ways of diksha – initiation is through an object given by your guru. (Not necessarily the only way of initiation)

If you have any thoughts on this, please feel free to comment.


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